Monday, 25 August 2014

SenpasenBoyz X Arikawa Reika, UtaPri fan-art

So....on April 2014 Reika Arikawa was going to be a judge for ClaS:h regional cosplay competition in my hometown Surabaya, and she was going to have a performance with 1000% Boyz (a group that cosplay Utapri in my hometown). The boys decided to give a t-shirt with an original ilustration of Utapri as a souvenir for Reika, and Nongkicchi asked me to do the drawing. Being Reika's fans since I saw her Tiger&Bunny cosplay, of course I said yes! XDD The boys requested me to do a drawing of Utapri with a hint of Indonesian elements to remind Reika of us, so I made the chibi picture of Starish wearing lurik tops and arranged them in a gunungan-shaped decoration (I'll upload the more detailed version later).
aaaand...this is the initial progres, the outline, the digitally-colored picture and the moment when Reika got the T-shirt from the boys :)
Hope you like it Reika-sama :'D

my initial sketch, outlined, digital, and t-shirt printed illustration
here's the twitter and facebook page of 1000%Boyz. please support them if you like their cosplay and their awesome performance :)

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