Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Sweet Dreams ~ VAMPS

This is Kei, and Ophelia. Some of my first beloved characters. I drew quite a lot of them. Kei is a vampire that fall in love with a human girl named Ophelia, a young, stubborn, and brave girl. Ophelia is stubborn, but deep down inside she is desperate to find someone who really cares about her. She had come to a point where she think life has no more meaning for her. Her parents lavished her with their wealth but really give her no attention that she seeks...

One day he come to another boring party, went out to the balcony to avoid an annoying young duke, and seeing Kei on his feast of the host's maiden.
Kei swarm over her since and try to intimidate her for witnessing the scene that no one supposed to see, because Kei is also an important figure in this royal circle. But somehow, each of them find the things they seek inside each other, and here is how the story began....

I've never really complete the story though. But these illustrations have been completed^^.

Friday, 13 November 2009

My first entry^^

what should I do on my first post?

an introduction about myself?


My name is Kuroneko Kia. I'm a black cat who live in the mind of a girl (or am I her true mind? well, i dunno..).
She used to be so fragile and introvert,pushing all her burden only to herself. Her physical condition make her unable to run like a healthy child, and she passes all the P.E study in her elementary school. She had her nose bleeding in extreme temperature change quite frequently. This condition makes her feel odd, weak, and unworthy. A boy that she liked so much in school secretly tell a friend that he didn't want to be with her because it will be troublesome for him to have her fainting when she get sick. However, her health had improved during these years, though she still unable to run like healthy ordinary people.

She had only several friend, though she is quite gifted in studying language and art. She got frequently dissappointed from her friends who takes advantages of their friendship. This kind of situation  makes her diverting her concerns from friends to art and designs. She became extremely addicted to Japan and all of the cultural product of Japan. She loved manga and manga style drawings. She loved playing console game and online game. She loved gothic-lolita fashion, japanese music, cosplay, ball-jointed doll, japanese food, movies, and dramas. She loved japanese ancient culture too...

Then she created me after her highschool graduation day to help her get through the orientation days in her college. A cat, harmless, yet fun and graceful, to represent herself in her new environment.
 And one day, I found a guy who picked me and willing to take care of me. A master. The kindest master a cat could ever met. He took care of me while nursing her frail heart. He makes her felt worth everything for the first time.

During those periods I draw figures and characters. They had their own background story, and some of these pictures are connected to each other.
Our drawing talent went better as she studied on Visual Communication Design. She learn a lot, getting along well and having the largest amount of good friends and seniors she could ever imagine. Having a new world, getting new place to be called as her home, and new wonderful knowledge of this world.

And me? i'm still here^^. taking over her place whenever she needs me to do that.

That's what I want to tell you about us.
yoroshikuuu nyaaa~^^

this is my master (left) and the other me^^.
They've been together for three years now.