Tuesday, 23 August 2011

the wishlist

When I opened my blog yesterday, I accidentally read my wish list tab and found out that about four (actually, five) wishes among eleven had become reality within six month.
I believe in the law of attraction though I don't always applied the law to almost everything around me. But here, once again it has proven to me to be true.
Thank the Almighty God for making the law works to me :D
It's been 6 month full of grace for me, and all because of Him.

Monday, 22 August 2011


when you looking for the meaning of my real name, you'll find "the moon" among the full meaning of it. My Javanese ancestor might call this moon goddess with many names, but here I'll call her specifically as "Ratri".

I incorporate the traditional cow-skin shadow-puppet style into this doodles, because I made this picture about a week after I got home from my holiday in Jogjakarta. If you ever seen me in person, you'll be agree that my skinny figure looks like a shadow puppet too :D