Thursday, 7 June 2012

World is Mine ~ Kaito visual kei version

This was started out as a dare dealing with a friend of mine. I said I'll draw his favorite Kaito if he make a fan-dub of Kaito's version of the "World is Mine" song :D Well, he actually made a fan-dub of the song, and as I listen to it I had an idea of drawing a different "World is Mine" illustration. The artwork which started out as a joke turns out to be an artwork that I must admit being proud of, especially because I've been so blank about making any artwork recently.

The song was originaly sang by Hatsune Miku. But as it turns out that many vocaloid fans paired her with Kaito, another version of the song was made. The song is more or less the same, but the lyrics were made as if it was Kaito singing about Miku being his number one princess in the whole world.

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